Amazing Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Did you know that one of the most stunning emerald cut engagement rings was worn by Wallis Simpson when engaged to the Former King Edward VIII of Wales?

Statistics puts into clear view what was believed to be uncertain. As for Emerald cut engagement rings, they are only 3% of all diamond rings globally. The reason behind this small percentage is not because it is expensive but due to its distinct look that is more of vintage than modern. This feature attracts few people but still the adventurous ones opt for it. As for its meaning, it gives you a classical feel that builds an unquenchable thirst for uniqueness among people with a different liking for emerald cut rings.

Considerations to make while choosing an emerald cut engagement ring


Unlike round and oval diamond rings whose imperfection is deeply hidden from our naked eyes, emerald cut rings reveal every imperfection with a great level of clarity.


Being delicate in choice of color will give you a stronger hand in choosing colored rings. One feature is that an emerald cut engagement ring has the tendency of revealing its color with great ease.


Did you know that an emerald engagement ring is 5% larger in surface area than a round cut diamond ring of the same carat? That is what is more size for less. As you ponder that, size of a ring is calculated using length against width ratio. With this ratio, you can easily determine the narrowness or width of a ring. After examining various rings, a ratio of between 1.3 and 1.6 is the best since it gives your fingers a slender and long look.

Recognizing an Emerald cut engagement ring is easy due to its subtle sparkle. The manner by which it is cut plays a big role in enhancing its sparkle. To exclude vagueness, this cut is called step cut so it’s different from other rings which are brilliant cut. Step cut gives it a unique sparkle that produces flashes commonly referred to as hall of mirrors.

Many people wonder if these jewelry pieces are worth buying. Our emerald cut engagement rings are naturally rare and owning one will definitely make you distinct. It might be a little less cost wise but its value is great.

Be different just like George Clooney who gave Amal Alamuddin a 7 carat Emerald cut ring. Be among the 3% by purchasing hers today.

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