Classic and Stylish Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

In recent times, the craze for yellow gold engagement rings is shooting through the roof. Let us view yellow gold jewelry business from an economist point of view. With an increasing infiltration of other precious metals and gemstones in our jewelry market, designers have become more competent. They have come up with attractive designs to meet custom specifications for buyers. However, more attention is paid to diamond unlike gold, particularly yellow gold.

Recently, prices of gold have been reported to increase gradually. Can a single purchase be behind this great change? Yes. It is human nature to love uniqueness. A yellow gold ring is regarded as unattractive so few of them are designed annually. These few rings then become unattainable leading to a shooting in price making it expensive again. In a bid to have what your friends or family don’t have, or of a different color, you will get the urge to buy one.

The evergreen Pamela Anderson has a solitaire diamond on a yellow gold setting. 5 precious stones that look stunning with yellow gold are diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby and pearl. Did you know that though the US has the largest gold reserve, India is the largest consumer of this yellow metal?

Yellow for the bride

A platinum or white gold ring rarely turns girls on. Guess, ladies are still connected to the ancient measure of love – yellow gold. To clarify this, a huge number of friends claim that yellow gold rings still have the traditional allure as it had centuries ago. Moreover, golden yellow has taken our accessory industry like a storm. Have you noticed that celebrities are wearing golden yellow shoes, hoods among other wear? Celebrities have gone to the extent of proposing using these rings. Do not be left out, give your bride a surprise by going down, knee bent as you pull out a yellow gold engagement ring. Spare the compliments for your friend because she will rock with awe.

Yellow gold engagement ring designs

For it to be beautiful, it should maintain its yellow hue. Not only maintain it but shimmer always regardless on the number of wears. Such a gold ring looks better with the following accompaniment:

Diamond paving
Emerald-cut diamond
Princess cut gems.

Buying one is easy and it can be considered as a daily wear since its setting reduces abrasion risk to a very low level.

Still thinking of buying one? Jennifer Aniston sports a rose cut diamond in a yellow gold setting which is truly stunning!

Get into a lifelong relationship when you give her a yellow gold engagement ring, a promise made – a promise kept.

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