Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings for the Love of your Life

Did you know that the popular star Ben Affleck gave a 4.5 carat cushion-cut engagement ring to Jennifer Garner while proposing? The cushion-cut engagement rings are consistently ranked among the most sought after popular cuts used in engagement rings. The cushion-cut is an exemplary shape that is also placed in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, just like in rings. Due to its sheer brilliance, it is widely used for almost all gemstones.

History of the Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

This striking ring traces its roots in the nineteenth century when it was known as mine cut; taking a square shape having rounded corners. Back in those days, mine cut was just as brilliant as it still is to this day. It derived the mine cut identity from Brazilian diamond mines, which switched its name to old mines upon discovery of a lot of diamonds in South Africa.

In those days, the mine cut consisted of 58 facets. The modern day cushion-cut engagement ring consists of 64 facets. In the early days, cushion cuts were not a preserve for diamonds only. The cut was so popular that all gemstones were cut in this design.

Modern Ring

As time progressed, mine cut transformed to become the current cushion-cut after cutters drew inspirations from other cuts like the Peruzzi cut, candle light cut, and the table cut. As the diamond cutting process evolved the cut also kept evolving. Jewelers did their best to make sure that we now have the modern day cushion-cut engagement rings.

Presently, jewelers have come up with customized cushion-cut rings and have ended up with various versions of the cut due to the high demand from people all over the world who want to spot the cut on their engagement rings. Nowadays, most ladies choose to get extra rows of facets while others opt for the customized half-moon facets to give a unique look that is very different from the traditional cushion-cut.

Popular Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

Most celebrities are known to have a great liking for the cushion-cut engagement ring, such artists include Kelly Rowland, Ashley Tisdale, and Nava Rivera. The ring ranks among the most popular designs all over the world. This cut has maintained its relevance for a very long period of time. Most of the world’s largest rings are cushion-cut and they include the Hope diamond ring which is 45 carats while the regent diamond ring is 140 carats!

Eternal Presence in Jewelry Shops

In 2003 all leading jewelers included cushion-cut engagement rings into their coveted list of top five iconic engagement rings. This means that the ring is going to enjoy an eternal presence in jewelry shops.

Due to the sleek and asymmetrically styled lines in a cushion-cut engagement ring, they look ideal in modern classical settings. They are very soft and romantic while shining and sparkling to announce your engagement to the love of your heart. The numerous facets that culminate into the cushion-cut diamond give way to light passing through the stone to increase its brilliance.

These rings retain their natural color more than any other diamond ring, regardless of the style that you opt to buy; your ring will keep sparkling for years and years to come.

If you want your love life to sparkle with absolute brilliance then the cushion-cut engagement ring is the perfect choice for you.

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