Engagement Rings Gemstone Cut Shapes


bagette gemstone cut shape

Baguette: Baguette is a narrow rectangular gem cut with about 20 facets. A typical baguette is shaped like a trapezoid with one end narrower than the other. Banquette Cut is very elegant and attractive. It was created in the 1920’s under the spirit of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements.

cushion gemstone cut shape

Cushion: The Cushion cut has approximately 64 facets, with a characteristic open culet (that is, the bottom of the gemstone) and a rectangular to square shape, with rounded corners which enhances the depth of the gemstone. It’s a typical antique european style of cut with a romantic and classic look that maximizes a gem’s luster.

emerald gemstone cut shape

Emerald: Emerald gem cut is a rectangular shape with its edges cut out and is usually referred to as a step cut as its concentric broad, flat planes look more like stair steps. A very striking gem cut for huge stones, Emerald Cut is quite ancient and was used by the upper-class and royalty.

heart gemstone cut shape

Heart: the Heart gem cut is a pear-shaped having a cleft at the top and is ultimately known as a symbol of love. To get the best cut, it is used a stone with a very definite outline and an even shape.

marquise gemstone cut shapeMarquise: Marquise is an elongated shape having pointed ends. It’s usually gorgeous when enhanced by smaller gems or when it is used as a solitaire. This gem cut is inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour which was commissioned by the Sun King, France’s Louis XIV, who had wanted a befitting gem to match it.

octagon gemstone cut shape

Octagon: The Octagon cut has approximately 53 facets which run in parallel steps to the circumference of the stone. This cut enhances the beauty of a gemstone showing its pure unadulterated color at its very best. An Octagon cut will give the most attractive appearance of any gemstone.

oval gemstone cut shape

Oval: Oval cut features an asymmetrical design, having an even, elongated shape. It’s common for women who have short fingers or small hands. Its elongated shape makes the hand appear longer than normal.

pear gemstone cut shape

Pear: The Pear cut has the shape of a sparkling teardrop and is actually a hybrid cut, perfectly combining the finest of both the oval and the marquise. It’s particularly beautiful for pendants or earrings, but sometimes it’s also used on engagement rings.

princess gemstone cut shape

Princess: Princess cut is a square or rectangular shape that has multiple sparkling facets. It’s a relatively new shape and is often used in making solitaire engagement rings where it’s normally decorated with triangular stones at its sides.

radiant gemstone cut shape

Radiant: Radiant cut is a square or rectangular shape with about 70 facets which maximizes the effect of its color refraction and is a perfect blend of the brilliance of the round shape and the elegance of the emerald.

round gemstone cut shape

Round: The Round cut is also known as American Standard cut or American Ideal cut. It’s believed to have been introduced in the 18th century and has about 57 facets. The Round cut was originally developed for Diamonds but is now common for all gemstones and popular among jewelers.

trillion gemstone cut shape

Trillion: The Trillion gem cut is usually a traditional triangular shape with pointed corners or a more rounded triangular shape with a polished girdle as well as 19 facets on the pavilion, and 25 facets on the crown, although the exact design can vary based on the natural characteristics of a particular gem.

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