Increase Luck and Charm with a Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Are you among the people who believe discoveries were only made in 17 and 18 centuries? If yes, you have got a whole lot of new things to learn that happened in the 20th century. Along the African savanna stretch lays a fertile country that is rich in a particular rare gemstone. Tanzania is the place and Tanzanite the rare gemstone.

As for engagement rings, Tanzanite is an unusual choice but those ready to be unique find it beautiful with a charming bluish glow. Unlike other gemstones and precious stones, it has the following unique qualities.

Available in a wide range of cuts and settings.
Purplish blue in color.
Can undergo heat treatment during its enhancement.

History of Tanzanite engagement ring

It is among the latest discovered gemstones dating back to 1967, in Tanzania. It is a derivative of Zoisite which jewelry companies had trouble pronouncing. Not that it is a complicated term but its pronunciation is similar to suicide. Therefore it was called Tanzanite.

You must be wondering about its meaning and symbolism. In a bid to dig information from aged jewelers, a Tanzanite engagement ring attracted luck while tagging prosperity along. Moreover, seers in the African country believe this gem gifts its owners with virtues such as eternal truth and unending knowledge.

Physical qualities


A unique crystalline quality – Pleochroism refers to the gems ability to display different colors that vary in shades when looked from various angles. A common instance is when a buyer sees royal purple blue upon changing his viewing angle, sees a different shade of sapphire blue.


Clarity of any Tanzanite engagement ring determines its price. Any ring should be crystal clear even if it is of a different color. Many people confuse between clarity and whiteness. Being clear means that it should be free from any foreign inclusions or tiny flaws. To determine clarity, the ring should bear more fire when cut and set.

Why should you buy a Tanzanite engagement ring?

It is a perfect piece for any confident lady with a fine taste of quality and style. Tanzanite rings are available in various shapes, some standard and others non-standard. Moreover, there are classical shapes too for people with a distinct love for round and oval.

Crystalline structures are available in different forms. Some rings are trillion cut with a triangular crystalline, others are marquise while some have sparkling teardrop structures.

For your daily wear, consider a Tanzanite engagement ring since it is hard. However, that is relative to other Zoisite gems but not diamond. Tanzanite rings have a delicate outer surface that requires secure setting such as Bezel setting.

Did you know that the singing sensation Beyoncé was gifted a tanzanite engagement ring by her husband Jay to celebrate the birth of their daughter? Get all the good luck and fortunes Рget her a tanzanite ring today.

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