Irradiate Your Love With a Halo Engagement Ring

Did you know that ‘Bachelorette’ star Josh Murray gave his fiancé a double Halo engagement ring with a huge oval cut diamond in the center?

When it comes to setting a jewelry ring, not once or twice do people point to a ring with a center stone and other gems’ flecks encircling it. Have it clear, this is a halo ring. Common Halo engagement rings have tiny diamond pieces around it. Have you ever thought of possible histories behind these Halo rings?

Let us time travel to the past, an age that jewelers were held with high esteem and regard. Back to the 70s and 80s, an England Empire was gaining great power and authority.

The royal family had a big interest in art, supernatural beings to be precise. It is at this point that a little princess developed a liking for haloed mother Mary.

Upon being a fully-fledged queen, she had jewelers design haloed rings that rocked sparkling stones around the center piece and voila, the Halo engagement ring was designed.

Unique features of a Halo engagement ring

Stylish design

For those with a distinct sense of style, a Halo ring best suits you. Some rings with a metallic halo can be your perfect choice. As for style, a wide variety of designs will leave you spoilt for choices when choosing an engagement ring.

Fiery sparkle

Nearly all gems have a fiery sparkle but Halo rings are fierier. Designers have a unique way of adding sparkle and radiance by paving with sparkling stones such as diamond to enhance its fiery yet natural color.

Among top designs that blend well with halo rings include cuts of emerald, square, princess and round diamond.

Choosing a Halo engagement ring

Size matters. Size gives a Halo ring an elegant look. Some go to an extent of believing a big Halo links them to England history. As for ring size, it is fully dependent on the center stone size. Reason is that size plays a big role in influencing the rings design during construction.

Creativity will definitely add value to your ring. Consider placing Halo choices such as gold. Can be white or common yellow but which ever shade of gold, your ring will come out stunning.

It is true that marriages are made in heaven and you can seal the deal with a halo engagement ring for that heavenly bliss.

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