Morganite Engagement Rings, the Exact Definition of Elegance

The history of Morganite is extremely interesting and somewhat shrouded in mystery

The stone was claimed to be ‘discovered’ more than five times in locations ranging from California to Madagascar with the first being around the late nineteenth century. The original name was taken from the financier J.P. Morgan. They were initially mistaken for Pink Sapphire, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and many other gems of similar light pink color.

The true essence of Morganite is now known as Beryllium-Aluminum Silicate or Beryl. They chiefly have adopted the nickname ‘Pink Emerald,’ although they are also sometimes called ‘Pink Beryl,’ ‘Rose Beryl,’ and ‘Cesian Beryl.’

Morganite Engagement Rings are true expressions of beauty

They can be found in a range of stunning colors including very light pink, deep-rose, salmon, orange-pink, and even violet. There is no dispute in the precious stone community that Morganite is one of the most captivating and rare stones in the entire world.

Morganite is suited best for royalty and other persons of impeccable taste. There are also many in the world who believe it possesses metaphysical properties which cause it to radiate a vibration of ‘divine love,’ calling it ‘the stone of divine love.’

Besides its reputation and sheer splendor, Morganite can be maintained by a heat treatment to improve its clarity and remove any imperfections that may gather on its surface.

Girls New Best Friend

The attention of young ladies is moving to a new direction. The rich history, the amazing beauty and quality, and the monetary benefit are just a few of the reasons these marvelous stones are capturing girls’ hearts everywhere.

Top celebrities have also discovered this rare pieces of jewelry

Several times celebrities are seen wearing this gemstone. Once Catherine Zeta Jones was found wearing a morganite and diamond setting ring amazingly dazzling in her finger. The rings give them an excellent look, especially during performances, Lady Gaga has been featured in photographs blending  Morganite rings with her outfit.

You can clearly see a few of the reasons that Morganite is quickly becoming the choice of gentlemen and the darling of ladies everywhere.

When you make the tremendous decision of what type of engagement ring to put on your sweetheart’s finger, remember that Morganite is a statement of more than just love; it says you really put some thought into the decision.

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