Propose With Style Using a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring acts as a seal of love. However, a black diamond engagement ring not only seals love but makes it unique with a distinct taste of choice. It is everyone’s dream to have a white diamond ring but people should tread the unexplored paths by being different. Carrie Bradshaw of the series Sex and the City sported the black diamond engagement ring and is responsible for the precious stone’s popularity surge.

Meaning of a black diamond engagement ring

Let us distinguish the dark shades of black. Being black is either a retained natural color or enhanced. In its natural state, black diamond is non-uniformly black due to presence of grey traces that give it a dull coloration. Surprisingly, there is a solid black piece that has been enhanced in color by including minute sulfide deposits.

Why should you go for black and not choose white? Simple – Black has for ages been a symbol of power and strength. By donning this black ring you will actually look sophisticated with an admirable personality.


For ladies, a diamond ring makes you priceless in that your presence is of greater value that extends to infinity. When this diamond ring happens to be black, your aura becomes accented with mystery. Not only that, people will see you as a bold woman with a high self-esteem and unmatched confidence.

Men should propose with this ring. Why? When worn by women, it builds their outlook by creating a responsible committed figure. When proposing, it symbolizes commitment towards maintaining a strong relationship independent from others perceptions, opinions and decisions.

Choose a black diamond engagement ring

What was once considered weird has replaced the common: black for white. This trend has existed since the 19 century to 21st with celebrities not left behind. Among the most romantic proposals was Rob Patterson to Carrie Electra. Should we say that he had a 2 carat black diamond ring for his queen?

Why are you still stuck in the past where white was the only choice? Choose black, choose boldness – make a statement in your own unique style.

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