Ask Her to Marry You with The Queen of Gems – a Pearl Engagement Ring

Pearls are the oldest gems in the world and they have long been associated with romance. In fact, before diamonds were promoted in media after big mines were discovered in South Africa, pearls were the most precious gems that one could own.

They have a long history. Only the Emperor was allowed to wear them in Byzantine times and there were many other societies that had similar rules. The sixteenth century was known as the pearl age in England if you want to know just how valuable these gems were thought to be.

Pearls have a lot of symbolism attached to them

They are thought to symbolize the moon and in ancient times were considered to have magical properties. In ancient China they were believed to protect one from fire and dragons. In other ancient cultures they were associated with purity and chastity. They were also thought of as the best gift that one could give another.

In the 13th century, when Historian Marco Polo visited the Mongolian emperor he offered him a pearl that weighed 575 carats (also known as the ‘Arco Pearl’ which was auctioned to an unknown buyer in Dubai in 2007).

Another famous pearl is the ‘La Peregrina’ which was given by Prince Phillip II of Spain to his bride Mary in the 16th century. It was owned by several celebrities including Richard Burton who gave it to Elizabeth Taylor in the ‘60’s. Even Marylyn Monroe was in love with pearls – one of her most valued pieces of jewelry was a 16 inch string of pearls that was given to her by Joe DiMaggio. Grace Kelly got a string of pearls from her husband Prince Rainer of Monaco that she accessorized with often.

Pearls are found in mussels

They are formed when a foreign object, such as a grain of sand is trapped in a mussel. To protect itself the mussel secretes a substance known as nacre to surround it and stop it from poisoning the mussel. The secretion continues for as long as it is alive and that is how a pearl is made.

Pearls can be found all over the world but the most precious are from Tahiti and Akoya. These, of course, are too few to fulfill the market demand, so many pearls are cultured – the foreign body is manually planted by a pearl farmer who waits for many years until a pearl is formed. Most of these pearls are white but the ones that occur in nature come in many colors including black.

When you look for pearls, you will be looking for very specific qualities – you want a pearl that has perfect luster, big nacre thickness, roundness, a blemish free surface and the perfect spherical shape. You can have it mounted on a gold ring or you can even have it surrounded by little diamonds to give it more beauty and romantic value.

Your love is unique and timeless and your engagement ring should be too. You can be sure that your fiancé will love her pearl special ring!

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