Surprise Her With a Stunning Sapphire Engagement Ring

Romans were the first people to popularize the use of sapphire engagement rings to signify heartfelt intentions held by the groom. This was after Pope Innocent III issued a decree that made it mandatory for lovers to engage first before getting married hence the engagement period.

During this waiting period, many held the view that the color of sapphire would end up changing or fade altogether if the person wearing it was untruthful or impure. Word has it that the fidelity of wives was often tested using sapphires when their husbands left them for a lengthy period of time.

Higher demand for sapphire engagement rings

Although these engagement rings had been in use since the 12th century, the sapphire engagement ring got its name from a story called Sapphire that was written in the 18th century by Madame Jenlis. The author drew inspiration from the color-changing Sapphire. The story ended up making a lot of people start demanding for sapphires. The demand was higher among couples who until this day have a strong liking for sapphire more than other gems.

In the 18th century diamonds began to be shipped from Africa and Brazil thereby flooding the world market and causing a decline in the market prices. This made a lot of people to hold the view that sapphires were very valuable and scarce than diamonds. This thinking led to a situation where engagement rings that contained gemstones were desired by those who had the ability to purchase sapphire engagement rings.

Sapphire engagement rings are distinct in expression of love

Nowadays, most young people choose to buy sapphire rings for the purpose of being distinct as they celebrate their love for each other. The sapphire rings are very naturally stylish, very romantic with a great connection to the past. Naturally, sapphires give real beauty; they have a touch of rarity. Sapphires have a wider appeal because of its rich history and also its natural attributes, those who love customized products will find sapphire being very ideal for them.

Sapphire engagement rings are preferred in their natural state

Sapphire engagement rings have gained more popularity among affluent people who are either wealthy or from royal families. They are liked more because they actually symbolize deep romantic love, commitment and truth.

Sapphire engagement rings boost the level of confidence among lovers

Generally, engagement rings are a common feature in any relationship leading to marriage. The rings are given to women to seek their hand in marriage, it is thought that this is the most perfect sign of being betrothed. It is always given before the actual marriage between lovers. The presentation of this ring does not in any way bind a marriage contract. It is given as a clear indication of deeply felt friendship among two people of opposite sex.

Having a sapphire engagement ring on one’s finger boosts the level of confidence among many people and it signifies a life-long bond whose climax is a wedding. If you believe in a life-long bond then this is for you.

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