Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings were first used in Russia more than two centuries ago. In 1800, the Russians started making use of rose gold in their jewelry production. It became known as Russian gold but as it became trendy, the name faded from Russian gold and the world came to know it as rose gold.

The rose gold engagement rings derive their name from the pink color associated with the metal. The major reason for the color is the presence of copper that is blended with as contained in 18 k of gold; this is what is used in making rose gold engagement rings.

Color changing Rose Gold engagement rings

Rose gold engagement rings have the yellow gold, however, rose gold isn’t pure gold but it is an alloy. It has an equivalent amount of gold and the ability of changing their color with time, this happens when the copper part of the rose gold begins to darken.

The color can change and take up the hue of red gold. This in itself is a very rare feature that makes the engagement ring gain exquisite impression of antique or vintage making it increase in value and appearance; a lot more than most other engagement jewelries. This rare feature alone qualifies the ring to be highly coveted among all the other types of engagement rings.

Why she should wear a Rose Gold engagement ring?

As the world has clearly come to know, any time rose gold is blended with white gold, you get very impressive results. The engagement ring has a deeper meaning when it comes to making a vow of commitment to the person you are getting engaged to, it is a very strong testimony of your heartfelt love.

The color of the ring has become very adorable in recent times because of its originality, feminine qualities and its romantic appeal. It is the engagement ring of choice among all those who want rings that can clearly express their heartfelt love.

What is a Rose gold engagement ring?

Another name of rose gold is pink gold; few people know it as red gold. It has a range of several shades of color that begin with pink, as time goes by it assumes a darker yet more red shade. This type of jewelry is rare and ends up giving any of its users very dramatic looks.

Pink gold has become a favorite choice for many people instead of yellow and white gold, however, the term pink gold and rose gold are used interchangeably.

Why do many people like choosing rose gold engagement rings?

Many people like using the rose gold engagement rings because of the attraction; it is pretty cool, very unique, and different. It commands a huge following and there is a clear indication that it will overtake all the other rings in the long run.

Most people say that engagement rings carry their own meaning, affection and an accompanying symbolism. Rose is the color of romance, using a rose gold engagement ring will definitely increase your significance to your fiancé.

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