Vintage Engagement Rings – As Ancient as Love

Jewelry represents the more valuable share of vintage. Unfortunately, both jewelers and their clients misuse the term vintage when referring to old jewels. Not once or twice do you hear vintage engagement rings being referred to both new and old rings but of an aged design. Get it right: vintage is just a common term referring to either antique or estate rings.

Since vintage refers to aged goods, specification in age needs to be provided when dealing with jewelry rings, unlike other things. Actually, what many call vintage is actually antique. This is because antique rings date back to over half a century ago. For a ring to be termed as antique, it then should be above 50 years of age dating back to pre-1960s. On the other hand, estate rings generally refer to pre-owned pieces that might even be a year old or two.

Antique rings

Deriving their feature with age, different styles were designed in different eras in history. Since development was mainly experienced in Europe, England to be precise, a number of antique rings trace their origin from Britain.

Victorian vintage engagement rings (1837-1901)

As the name suggests, Queen Victoria of England influenced naming of the ring. She was a great ruler who extended her might and power in the entire British Empire in the 1800s. Apart from her ruling, she had a liking, fetish maybe for jewelry. Her taste was exceptionally quite focused to such sharpness that she customized designs. During the mid-1800, there was a notable increase of gold supply and Victoria had yellow golden rings designed. Diamond was later discovered in South Africa leading to ring designs that featured diamond rows.

Edwardian vintage engagement rings (1901-1920)

Succeeding Queen Victoria was Edward of Britain. He too loved jewelry and had his rings done with a filigree or ornate finish. However, it was during this era that oxyacetylene torch was fully discovered. With this great discovery brought platinum. Platinum favored the finishing of ornate and filigree. Vintage engagement rings with knots such as infinity were designed.

Art Deco vintage engagement rings (1910-1935)

Art Deco is short form of art decorations. Artists became part of the jewelry revolution influencing ring designs with art. Art states that a woman can express her inner beauty and individuality by a ring. Settings and designs that borrowed heavily from geometry were designed. Moreover, more spectacular shapes were designed by art legends such as Picasso.

Why should you buy a vintage engagement ring?

Purchase a vintage ring if you like history. It might be your link to an era of revolution and civilization. For ladies, they get the charming look of an English princess or queen. That bold feeling that transcends beyond men’s glare and admiration. If trying to merge past, present and future, and you love to feel royal, then a vintage engagement ring is what you need.

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