What You Need to Know About Ruby Engagement Rings?

Did you know that when celebrity Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer she was given a ruby engagement ring studded with diamonds? Also Princess Margaret of Snowdon wore a beautiful ruby ring with diamonds – a perfect symbol of Royalty and life!

Ring History

The ring, as the symbol of a union between a husband and a wife, was introduced and happened to be used for the first time during the early times, by the Egyptians.

Egyptians believed that the circled shape of the ring illustrated an incessant and fixed bond between the wife and the husband. This is why they then began the tradition of exchanging rings as a seal of affection. The Egyptians were the ones who primarily introduced the rule to wear rings on the third hand finger. Then there was the rise of engagement ring types, for instance, the ruby engagement ring.

Ruby Rings

Rubies are very attractive rare stones, which are excellent if used to make the ruby engagement rings. In fact, the rubies are thought to contain four precious stones in one. The components include: the sapphire, emerald and diamond.

They are ranked second in the list of hardest elements, after diamonds. They contain more than eight elements of metal that are appallingly protracted. It is also composed of aluminum oxide, an element that makes it to be even harder.

What Else Should You Know about Ruby Rings?

The prices of the ruby engagement rings vary greatly. The price varies with variation in the gems’ brightness in color, its weight, its shape, the size and hue. It could be even higher if an oversized carat size is added. The color of the jewel is the most significant feature considered when pricing a ruby ring, and then the transparency aspect comes next.

Using a meticulous ruby-cut engagement ring is extremely indispensable for people who’d want to create the most stunning wedding appearance.

Each ruby has a totally different color shade and color tone. Some other factors which are used to determine the standards of the ruby may include: the color tone and color shade. The components symbolize truth, unity and trust since each ruby incorporates totally different colors and hues, making it distinctive.

Rubies are referred to as the Stone of Nobility and it’s believed that their metaphysical properties assemble and strengthen energy, and convey insubstantial happiness and peace in the future life of the engaged ones. In fact, legend says that the ruby is capable of solving lover’s quarrels.

When combined with antique white diamond components, the ruby engagement ring may symbolize sweet life, love and loyalty. Generally, ruby engagement rings symbolize love, fidelity, integrity, bravery, vitality and joy. If you want the best for both of you then this is certainly your perfect choice.

Final Verdict

Rubies not only symbolize royalty, it is also known to imbibe knowledge and the ability to make the right decisions in life. If you are the one who makes decisions then Ruby engagement rings are the right choice for you.

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