When Love is What You Mean

It all starts right here.

Right now.

THIS is what all of the fuss will be about.

The engagement ring.

The engagement ring that you put on her finger is going to be the conversation starter.

The engagement ring that she will be wearing until the big day will be what she shows off to her friends, family and really anyone that will listen.

That ring will signify that she is now officially off the market.

Once they see THAT ring on her finger, and she starts talking all about you and how the two of you came to be engaged, that is what this moment will be all about.

You don’t want to admit it, but you are probably just as excited to be getting engaged and asking her to marry you, as she will be.

Yeah, we know.

Guys don’t like to admit it, but when they find THE one, they just know.

You know, THAT one woman who is there and has been there through all of the good stuff, all of the bad stuff and all of the in-between stuff.

It’s hard to find someone like that in the world we live in.

In this society, where people come and go in your life, when you find the right girl you want to hold on to her as long as you possibly can, and hope beyond hope that one day she will be your wife.

You hope that one day you will be able to stop introducing her as your girlfriend, and start telling people she is your wife.

That makes you smile doesn’t it?

See, girlfriends they come and go.

In fact, you could break up with one and start dating a new one in the SAME week.

Wives, that’s something different all together.

When you get engaged you are making a commitment.

When you ask her to marry you, you are telling her that you are in it for the long haul.

When she says, “Yes!” Then she is essentially telling you the same.

Imagine what life will be like with your new bride.

Can you picture that?

Go ahead, allow yourself to do so.

See yourself standing at the altar, waiting for her to walk down the aisle.

You thought you fell in love with her the first time you saw her.

Yeah, you fell pretty hard, didn’t you?

You haven’t seen anything yet.

Deep down inside, you know you’re going to cry when you see her in her wedding dress, when you see the emotion on her face in the moment, when you see her walking towards you with that look on her face that tells you that you’re the one.

You know that part of those tears she’ll be crying will be because when you look back at her, that your face will be telling her the same.

Now, fast-forward the tape to your first place together – That home, not house or apartment, but a home.

See, a house is a physical building.

You don’t need to be married to get a house, or even an apartment.

A home is the love, the care and the people inside of it.

Your new bride is going to make this your home. It wouldn’t be complete without her.

Keep that tape going, and imagine the pitter-patter of little feet.

Think about the other loved ones that you will be bringing into your home to make your life complete.

Picture the memories you will make together.

The trips you will go on, the “firsts” you will have.

The first time you get to decorate your home together.

The first time you get to cook a meal as a family.

The first road trip you take as a family.

Keep that tape going.

It’s not always going to be sunshine and roses.

There will be some rough times, some not so good times and some times that you’ll want to forget.

Want to know what will make these times bearable?

Want to know what will make these times workable?

Want to know WHO will be there to listen to you, to let you cry, to let you shout, to let you lean on them?

She will.

And it all comes back to this moment.

It all starts right here.

You’ve probably already thought about how you want to propose, you’ve probably already thought of whom you want there and where you want to do it.

Here’s the thing.

It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you’ve found the right girl.

Heck, it could be in the McDonald’s parking lot or the local grocery store.

It doesn’t matter.

You’ve found the right girl.

Now all that’s left is to find the right engagement ring.

All that’s left is for you to find the right ring that she deserves.

She does deserve your best, doesn’t she?

Don’t just pick anything that looks good, it’s easy to do that.

It’s lazy to do that.

Think about her, take the time to REALLY think about her and what she would like.

Close your eyes and picture her showing off her engagement ring to her parents, see what it would be like to watch her glowing and beaming with joy showing it off to her friends – All the while as she sneaks a glance or two your way…and smiles.

She’s the one.

That’s all that matters.

She deserves the best.

You would lay down your life for her, you would walk a hundred miles for her, AND you would protect her with your last dying breath.

She’s worth it and you know it.

You will never EVER get a second chance to propose to her.

This is so important and needs to be hammered home, that we are going to say it again.

You will NEVER EVER get a second chance to propose.

Which is why you need to choose the right one – the right engagement ring for the right girl.

She’s worth it.

She deserves it.

It all starts right here… right now.

Now is the time to show it to her, to prove it to her, and we’d like to help.

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