White Gold Engagement Rings for a Long Lasting Relationship

What else could be more romantic than what Prince Charles gave Princess Diana? It was a stunning sapphire masterpiece with a halo of diamonds set on a White Gold band. It is a timeless piece and most remembered one even today.

White gold engagement rings are a superb alternative to platinum. This highly precious metal is adored for its unmatched gleaming white finish known for making diamonds sparkle. It is called gold yet it has a silvery white look.

A ring that you can wear for ever

The ring is made of a lustrous yellow hue that passes as gold. It is 24 karat pure gold made with an alloy retaining the yellow that is evident in pure gold. In real sense, 24 karat gold is very soft for use in jewelry. It is mixed with another metal to make it strong so that it ends up forming a ring that you can wear forever.

The gold ends up taking various hues by the kind of metal used in alloying it, this could be rose gold, yellow gold and white gold, which are the most widely known combinations. Some people end up mistaking white gold for silver or even platinum at a glance. Most importantly, a white gold engagement ring should be identified for what it is and nothing more or less.

Most admired precious metal

White gold is the most admired precious metal of choice among many people because it stunningly complements the sparkling white of a diamond’s center. When arrays of diamond are set in white gold it ends up looking pure and brilliantly lit. It resembles Platinum, which is slightly more expensive than white gold. The similarity that exists between white gold and platinum is attributed to the use of rhodium, a type of metal that belongs to the platinum family. It is this coating that causes the metal to have that desirable white sheen.

A history of the white gold engagement ring

During the Victorian era in 1800s yellow gold was used in making most engagement rings, at the beginning of the twentieth century the emergence of new metalwork methods ushered in a technique that made it possible for platinum to be used on a smaller scale.

The Edwardian era platinum became a choice for engagement rings. Most brides during that time preferred the white look of a diamond set in gold leading to the birth of the white gold engagement rings.

Why ladies love the white gold engagement rings

Nothing would make a woman happier than getting an exclusive engagement ring. Women associate tradition, wisdom and divinity with gold. They feel that gold symbolizes eternal love and vows. Here’s your opportunity to make the most of it!

White gold will accentuate the sparkle especially with diamonds. Propose to her with a white gold engagement ring and your love will be etched forever in her heart.

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